Remote Staffing

With our cloud servers and collaboration portals you will be surprised how much work can be done remotely. We have developed a standard operating procedure (SOP) for key positions within a home builder business and coupled that process with cloud based collaborative software to provide you with expert level, scalable human resources.


You Need Experts!

Remote StaffConstruction Start Ups are hard enough. When making decisions about your accounting system, accurately estimating new plans or developing a strategic marketing plan, you need experts. Our team has years of experience in the home building industry. Utilizing our expert remote staff will save you time and money and you will gain the confidence the job is completed with consistent quality.




But Do You Need Full Time Experts?

Part Time StaffDuring the first few months or year of a start up a key position will not always be a full time position. An accounting position may only require 10 to 12 hours per week, not 40. Your company will be better served to hire a part time expert, rather than a full time novice.


Success Is a Well Organized Operation

We assist start ups until they are ready to hire full time employees. The probability of a successful new hire increases greatly when that employee steps into a well organized operation. Our business-process design will insure your office is running smoothly and our transition training will help that new employee hit the ground running.


There When You Need Us

Builder Incubator also provides temporary remote staff for specific projects or to cover a long term absentee. Periodic marketing projects for a new product launch or new community, estimating a new series of standard plans, or updating web content to reflect your latest news. We can assist in many areas of your home building business.

  • Benefits of Remote Staffing

    Our remote staffing can provide many immediate and long term benefits to your Home Building company

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  • Staffing Services

    Building Incubator offers the following remote staffing for construction offices

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  • Bookkeeping Process

    An overview of the Builder Incubator bookkeeping process when purchase orders are not utilized.

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