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To-Do Work Flow

Sales Follow-Up Made Easy

A robust construction planning software creates a standard follow-up routine to insure that all prospects receive phone calls, emails and letters at the appropriate time.

  1. Select TRANSACTIONS to see the activity log for this Client


Transactions displayed for John Doe

  1. Notice that each transaction can have a different DUE DATE
  2. To-Do's can also be assigned to other people. In this example, the Sales Assistant is responsible for sending out standard sales letters
  3. LOAD TO-DO's will load a group of To-Do's. For example the Sales Follow Up process might include 5 Follow Up To-Do's spread out over 30 days


Creating a Standard To-Do Structure

  1. This is an example for a typical "Sales Follow Up" set of To-Do's
  2. Notice the Days Off Set, this will create the Due Date for each To-Do when loaded to the client


To-Do's Are Not Just For The Sales Team

Here is an example of several To-Do structures. To-Do's will help your entire organization complete their specific step in the Pre Construction process 

To-Do's are typically set up for the following steps in the home building process;

  • Sales Follow Up
  • Completing a Sales Contract
  • Notification of a New Sale
  • Approving the Sales Contract
  • Completing Color Selections
  • Pre-construction Process
  • Closing

Every important step can be standardized and assigned to the appropriate person. Everybody knows what they need to do and when their To-Do's are due.

This is especially helpful for new hires because they have a standard procedure to follow

A standard workflow using To-Do's will consistently shorten your time from "Contract Signed" to "Job Start".

This is similar to how a construction schedule will reduce cycle times, To-Do's represent a simplified schedule for Pre-Construction and inner office activities.


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