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Standard Plans - Models

Create Multiple Models

Model 1b

  1. Models can be set up per subdivision
  2. Please note that "Model1" is the generic model name for our demo database. Your actual model names would appear here
  3. Easily duplicate a MODEL, then make the minor changes (Base price, add/remove specific options)


Setting up a Model

Model 2b

  1. A Model's base price
  2. A Model's cost, this is linked to Eclare where the cost of each model is determined
  3. Toggle on standard options if they are included (notice the Bedroom 5 is not included)
  4. Retail prices for each option and the builder's cost of each option


A Digital Price Book

Model 3b

  1. A price book specific to each model
  2. Model options can be sorted by Category (Electrical, Flooring, Cabinets) or by Room Location
  3. Retail pricing




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