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Home Building Construction Software Features 

Builder Incubator

  • Monthly pricing structure includes all software updates
  • No local server required
  • Cloud-based - access your company data from any Internet connection

System Level

  • User security
  • Multi user
  • Import data for structure build
  • Export data for external reporting
  • 100's of standard reports
  • Built in report writer
  • Scalable from 5 units per year to 5,000 units per year

PSClient CRM

  • Capture new prospect buyer and co-buyer contact information
  • Capture prospect demographic information with user definable drop-downs: How did you hear about us? What is your purchase time frame? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms?
  • Traffic reports by community and date range, initial visit and secondary visits
  • Determine advertising effectiveness from traffic reports
  • Categorize new prospects with hot, medium or cold designations
  • Define standardized (minimum) sales follow up procedures
  • Lead follow up reminders
  • Drip email and mail campaigns
  • Log phone call notes and meeting notes in a transaction log for each prospect
  • Sales management visibility - who is following up, who is closing

PSClient Lot Inventory

  • Maintain lot information for each community and on-your-lot
  • Lot street address, Lot number, user definable lot status, lot premium
  • Import from spreadsheet

PSClient Models (Standard Plans)

  • A model template is set up for each standard plan
  • Base house retail pricing, standard options & color selections are toggled into the model template
  • Model templates can be set up by community if the same plan is built in multiple locations with different price points

PSClient Options & Colors

  • A Master Options database is included in the Builder Incubator start-up database
  • Options can be fully customized (arrangement, description, etc.)
  • Standard options have a retail price based on a mark up and rounding logic from actual standard cost (cost is integrated with the Eclare estimating)
  • Standard options can have a different retail price per model and/or per community and model
  • Custom options and price concessions can be created to allow for unique pricing scenarios with individual buyers
  • Color selection tables with drop down selections make it easy to capture color details for options (like floor coverings and countertops)
  • Colors can be specific to different levels

PSClient Sales Contracts

  • All required sales contract documents can be generated directly from the PSClient module
  • A built-in word processor with a database merge feature allows each builder to customize their sales contracts
  • A set of sample sales contracts are part of the Builder Incubator database (Agreement of Sale, Options & Color Addendum, Change Orders)
  • Sales contracts are easily edited (copy-paste) to add your logo and legal text
  • Sales contracts pull all relevant data (buyers name, address, lot information, model and model base price, options and colors with option retail prices, total contract price and deposit details)

PSClient Sales Contracts – Process Control

  • A user definable series of To-Do's and notifications can be set up to follow your contract approval process
  • Individual people in your company are notified at specific times and assigned specific ToDo items. These To-Do's are saved in the transaction log for that buyer

PSClient Sales Contracts – Version Control

  • As your buyer progresses through the purchase and then design selection process, contract changes are inevitable. PSClient handles contract changes with contract version control
  • Each saved contract automatically gets assigned an addendum number, so the ORIGINAL contract can always be recalled and reprinted, along with each change addendum up to the CURRENT contract
  • An audit report is also available that clearly displays every contract change and the date the change was completed

PSClient Sales Contracts – Document Management

  • A user definable folder structure is set up to store client documents
  • Sales contracts (generated from the system) as well as other files (pictures, pdfs, spreadsheets, etc.) can be stored in this document management folder so all documents for a specific buyer can be located in a single location
  • User security can be established to allow certain users read only access to the document management folder

PSClient Pre-Construction – Process Control

  • A series of To-Do's can be built to standardize the process from contract signing to contract approval to design selections to construction start to homeowners walk-through to closing and into warranty
  • This To-Do process will streamline your process and provide immediate notification of action items at each stage of the process
  • To-Do's are sent to each user to prevent missing important events in your preconstruction process
  • Completed To-Do's (along with notes) are maintained in a transaction log under that customers name
  • To-Do's also provide an excellent training structure for new employees by outlining the process-flow

PSClient Construction Schedule

  • Construction schedule templates are built with predecessor logic to forecast and manage job completion
  • Individual TASKS with standard durations represent each daily activity
  • TASKS have assigned vendors integrated from the Eclare estimating system
  • A task is related to another task with a predecessor logic to push/pull the start dates based on the completion dates of the preceding tasks
  • Subcontractors and suppliers can be notified (via SEND) of the start date for their specific jobs and tasks
  • Job schedules can be managed from the field with the Quick Update feature. Superintendents can utilize a tablet or laptop with Internet connectivity to quickly mark tasks as completed

PSClient Construction Schedule – Field Payment Approval

  • The construction schedule can be linked to the purchase orders in Gemini for field approval
  • A superintendent will mark a specific task as DONE and approved For payment. This does not pay the PO, but marks the PO indicating the field has acknowledged the work is done and the work completed is acceptable to the terms of the PO
  • Accounting can now process APPROVED PO (in a batch) which closes the PO and creates a job cost payable in Gemini. The payable can now be paid along with your normal AP review and check writing process

Eclare Estimating

  • Integrates with PSClient (front-end) to build detailed budgets and POs based on the model and options selected at the sales & design contracting stage
  • Integrates with the Gemini accounting system to provide budgets and POs, Creates the PO-driven accounting
  • Integrates with the PSClient construction scheduling to assign vendors to specific TASKS in the schedule, based on the vendors chosen at the estimating stage
  • Estimating take-offs (model templates) can be built for each model (standard plan)
  • Model templates can be duplicated and then easily modified; a method of building out all of your standard plans
  • Model templates will calculate the base cost as well as the cost for each of the upgrade options available on that standard plan
  • Integrates with PSClient (front end) to provide costs for each model option
  • Purchase orders can be configured to show just the NET change for base house + options
  • Model Templates can be set up with PRODUCT GROUP logic to assign default vendors based on specific regions. If the same model is built in two differing locations there is a possibility that different default vendors would be required
  • Model templates can be built with community specifications, to automatically include or exclude features for each specific community
  • Job starts can be priced by date (using a past, current or future date)
  • Assemblies can calculate costs and detail requirements based on dimensional take-offs. (for example, a wall assembly can calculate the bottom plate, top plate, studs, framing labor, batt insulation, insulation labor drywall, and drywall labor)
  • Import vendor prices via spreadsheet
  • Items can have an unlimited number of different vendors
  • Vendor prices have effective dates, providing the ability to calculate the cost of a job based on prices that will take effect next month

Eclare Purchasing Management

  • Import/export structure for initial data build and ongoing maintenance
  • Easily export Eclare ITEMS to request prices from a secondary vendor
  • Compare vendor prices by ITEM
  • Compare vendors across multiple jobs
  • Compare jobs side by side summarized by cost code, item, take-off, base house, square footage living and square footage total
  • Provide monthly base house costs for each model (standard plan)
  • Provide monthly option costs for each model (standard plan)
  • Globally reprice all jobs or a selection of jobs after vendor prices have been updated
  • Assign model maintenance to select estimators (by community)

Gemini Job Cost Accounting

  • Balance sheet WIP reporting can be sub totaled on balance sheet based on user-definable line summaries: land, finished lots, presold, specs, finished inventory
  • Deposits and draws managed at the job level. Job reports show cost, revenue and profitability by each job
  • Job reports: 32 predefined standard job reports. Each of these can be configured to report data in multiple views providing 100's of job reports
  • Job lender reporting: Drawn to date amounts, remaining draws available by job, by bank
  • Date sensitive reporting: All reporting can be adjusted based on data ranges
  • Job and GL always in balance: GL maintains every job posting in a series of control accounts specifically for that job. The general ledger and job cost modules are always in balance. No requirement to reconcile the job and GL.
  • Completed contract & percentage complete: Jobs can be set to report as both completed contract and percentage complete
  • Job closing process: Automated job closing process
  • Accruals at close: Menu option to calculate accruals at close, based on budgets and/or PO committed costs
  • Change orders: Track revenue and costs to create a true profitability report per change order
  • Numerous budgets maintained per job: Preliminary budget, original budget, change orders, revised budget, new budget (cost to complete), PO committed budget, base house budget and options budget
  • Integrates with Prosoft Eclare estimating: Eclare Estimating can create a budget directly from model and options selected on the sales contract in PSClient
  • Spreadsheet import: Import budgets and cost code structure
  • Spreadsheet export: Export job details and cost to date information
  • Multiple cost code lists: Ability to set up different cost code lists to track different types of activity (land development vs. house construction)
  • Global job maintenance: Make changes to multiple jobs at one time
  • Multi-department close out structure: Jobs from one community or subdivision can automatically close out to a separate P&L

Gemini Purchase Orders

  • Integrated with Eclare estimating so purchase orders are developed from a model template driven structure providing fast and consistently accurate job purchase orders
  • Purchase orders will properly handle the adds and deducts associated with standard options and upgrades
  • Purchase order-driven accounting: POs contain the job, cost code and dollar amounts so that the job coding process is already complete. Superintendents and Job managers no longer need to CODE invoices, saving time, speeding up the accounting process and greatly improving accuracy
  • Purchase orders provide the specific scope of work details so your subs and vendors have a clear understanding of the work to be completed
  • Subs can turn in PO's as their pay requests
  • Purchase orders have bar codes and received documents can be scanned to be processed
  • Purchase order PACKAGES are developed to allow for the release of PO's in stages
  • Purchase orders can be distributed via SEND or published to the WEB PORTAL
  • Purchase order REASON CODES are used to track the root cause of variance related PO's
  • Example PO reason codes; Original, Estimating Error, Vendor Price Change, Vendor Change, Customer Change Order, Theft, Damage and Field Condition
  • Field PO's can be set to require back office approval. PO's can be generated in the field with FIELD PO's, which provide an easy way for field personal to request additional resources and still maintain a level of back office control before the PO's are released to suppliers

Gemini Web Portal

  • Web-based portal for distribution of documents to vendors
  • Secure log in requires vendor user name and password
  • Vendors can view, download and print
  • Vendors can accept, reject and comment on PO's
  • Track vendor acceptance of PO's
  • Track PO changes and subsequent acceptance
  • Upload documents to community folders (community specifications, locations)
  • Upload documents by document type
  • Save time. Eliminate need to re email documents to vendors for misplaced documents

Gemini Accounts Payable

  • Advanced construction payables management and reporting
  • Insurance tracking: Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance expiration dates and auto deduction requirements
  • Insurance & license tracking: User definable - ability to set up 5 additional user definable date tracking expiration's (GC license, Driver license, umbrella policies, etc.)
  • Insurance expiration warnings at AP invoice entry, PO processing and check run
  • Check stub notification: Upcoming insurance expiration's can be printed on the check stubs
  • 1099 printing
  • User definable lien waivers automatically generated based on check run. Lien waiver log tracks when signed waivers are received.
  • Vendor defaults for GL accounts, due dates, discounts, retainage and pay codes
  • Multiple checking accounts and check reconciliation module for each checking account. High-end custom builders often set up a separate checking account for each job
  • MICRE check printing (print multiple checking accounts from a blank check stock - bar code and bank routing info is printed on the blank check stock)
  • True multi-user: Multiple people can be posting into AP, GL, JC, PO posting payables, cutting checks, updating job budgets, updating vendor files, journal entries, printing reports, all simultaneously
  • Report payables by job and process check runs by job
  • Multiple Gemini companies can operate from a single vendor file structure, so vendor maintenance (address, insurance certifications, etc) can be updated in a single company
  • Consolidated AP reporting can be set to view a selection of multiple companies

Gemini General Ledger

  • User-definable general ledger account number - 8-digit alpha numeric
  • User-definable financial line summaries for the balance sheet and P&L
  • Multi-Department: Many production builders will set up a separate P&L for each community. This allows posting community direct costs (such as model sales operation & common community maintenance) directly to the community P&L
  • Fully integrated accounting system. Postings in any module (such as GL) will automatically update all other modules (AP, JC, PO, AR, PR). There is no requirement to reconcile each module with every other module. The entire system is ALWAYS in balance
  • Multiple companies (up to 999 individual companies can be live at any one time)
  • Intra-company transactions
  • Consolidate financial reporting across a selection of multiple companies
  • Percentage complete job and financial reporting available even if jobs are set up as Work In Process
  • Prior period posting: ability to post into past periods (months and years) for users with appropriate security access
  • General ledger monthly budgets for 3 years (past, current and future)
  • Profit and Loss reporting current month and YTD, by individual department and ALL departments summarized
  • Comparative Profit and Loss reporting last year & current year (month amounts) and last year & current Year (YTD amounts), by individual department and ALL departments summarized
  • Profit and Loss budget reporting by current month (actual and budget) and YTD (actual and budget), by individual department and ALL departments summarized
  • Financial trend reporting shows P&L across multiple months and years
  • Simplified (automated) end of month and end of year closing process

Gemini AIA

  • AIA draw requests
  • Fills in the G701, G702 and G703 AIA forms
  • User definable AIA line summaries integrates with the job cost code list

Gemini Payroll

  • Integrated job cost payroll
  • Multi-rate, Multi-state
  • Certified government payroll

Gemini Accounts Receivable

  • Generate account receivable invoices (not required for most home builders)
  • Time and material billings
  • Manage AR retainage
  • Create customer proposals by billing from the proposal
  • AR open items reporting by job, by project, by customer and sales rep

PSClient Punch Out & Homeowner Walk

  • PSClient offers a method to capture punch-out items and immediately turn them into non-billable work orders
  • Trades can be notified (via SEND) and informed of the details of unfinished work discovered at the superintendent's review and at Home Owners Walk Through
  • Open item punch list reporting displays the # of days past due
  • Open item reporting tracks and manages the completion of punch out items. Reporting by customer, lot, model, super, vendor and user-definable code

PSClient Warranty

  • PSClient manages warranty requests submitted by your customers and create non-billable warranty work orders
  • Customers enter warranty requests using the Prosoft web portal
  • Warranty managers review and finalize customer submitted warranty requests and determine if a non-billable work order needs to be generated for a vendor, a billable PO or if the item should be assigned to an internal warranty technician
  • Open item warranty reporting displays the number of days past due
  • Open item reporting tracks and manages the completion of warranty items. Reporting by customer, lot, model, super, vendor and user-definable code
  • Historical warranty issues can be analyzed and evaluated to develop future corrective actions
  • Reviewing a vendors historical warranty items, time required to complete warranty and punch out work becomes valuable data at the time of vendor price negotiations
  • Excessive delays in warranty completion can interface with Gemini accounting to flag a vendor and stop future AP payments due to warranty hold

PSClient Warranty Web Portal

  • Homeowner log in for warranty requests
  • Creates a warranty transaction which can be elevated to a warranty work order by staff
  • Warranty work orders can be distributed to vendors through the web portal
  • Homeowner & vendor can track status and comment on open warranty requests



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