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Subdivisions & Lots

Lot Inventory For Multiple Subdivisions

  1. Our demo data uses generic names. "Subdivision 1" would be replaced with your community name
  2. Individual lot addresses can be imported from a spreadsheet


Individual Lots

  1. Each lot record has standard fields, lot number, job number, street address including other fields not shown here
  2. Lot Premiums can be set and will automatically add into sales contracts
  3. When a lot is assigned to a buyer, the lot is marked as sold and no longer available


Set Up Budgets by Subdivision

  1. Set up budgets for Approved Sales Contracts, Job Starts, Job Completions, and Closings for each month
  2. Multiple years can be budgeted


Pipeline Reporting Compares Budget to Actual

  1. Budget to Actual (Net) are shown for each subdivision
  2. NET represents Contracts Signed minus any Contract Cancellations for the same period
  3. Prospects with contract contingencies and reservations are also displayed
  4. Monthly totals for all subdivisions as well as Year to Date cumulative totals are helpful for financial forecasting


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