• Web Site Development

Stunning graphics and web styling – Designed by our professional team

Photo Galleries and Virtual Tours – For each of your model homes and custom built homes

Inventory Homes – Searchable listing with images, prices and related content

Floor Plans – Searchable listing with images, prices and related content

Community – Searchable listing with images, related content, features and amenities of the community, schools, activities and shopping in the area

Search Tools – Enable your visitors to search by price, location, rooms and any criteria you deem valuable

Interactive Maps – Make it easy for your customers to find you, especially from their mobile device, while driving neighborhoods

QR Codes – Your customer reading the newspaper or sees one of your local signs, uses their smart phone to view the QR code and they are linked to your landing page, with all the information about that advertised offer

Landing Pages – When we link to your site it is best to link directly to the page of interest so your prospect can get directly to the information they are seeking

Prospect Log – Capture first time visitors and automate a sales follow up

Mortgage Calculator – Make it easy for your buyers to determine monthly costs

Live Chat – Studies indicate people are more likely to engage in a chat session before making a phone call

Sales People & Realtor – Contact details and photos. Make it personal right from the start

Builder Process and Warranty – Define your process to set your customers at ease and help them understand what to expect

SEO – Search Engine Optimization along with properly constructed sites, relevant and frequent content and linking to your other web assets are key to improving site traffic

Analytics – You can measure results

SMM – Social Media Marketing, share links with your social sites, display likes, link blogs and blog comments to your facebook page

Blog – The best method to provide fresh content, improve SEO and keep your new and existing customers informed about news worthy events

Testimonials – Let your past customers tell your story



The BI Website Process


Before we break ground, it’s important that we fully understand your company. So we take a deep dive into your business and then develop a Brand Discovery document outlining your company’s overall goals, pain-points, target audience(s), competition and key differentiators. This will be the foundation upon which we will build not only your website, but all of your marketing strategies going forward.
Step 1


Once our discovery is complete, we’ll prepare a project brief that outlines the overall project and its goals, the target audience and key messaging points. Then we’ll set expectations by establishing a timeline of specific activities and deliverables.
Step 2


Like an architect’s blueprint, we’ll develop a sitemap to establish your site’s overall navigational structure as well as identify each page and their relationship to one another. Then we’ll determine the content that goes on each page as well as define their hierarchy.
Step 3


Now the real fun begins. Using a powerful Content Management System (CMS) upon which we will build your site, we’ll begin designing the look and feel. But before we go too far, we’ll pause to get your feedback to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.
Step 4


Once the design has been approved, we’ll begin building your entire site, which will include industry-specific functionality — model home, floorplan and move-in-ready inventories, community listings and galleries. But your site won’t just be an online digital brochure, it will be a powerful marketing engine.
Step 5


Before we launch, we’ll thoroughly test your site on all web browsers and all devices. Since 90% of home buyers use the internet as a resource for decision-making, we know how important your website is for your business.
Step 6


Our websites are designed specifically for the home builder industry. Your website will have powerful email marketing, blog and lead generation engines as standard features. Additionally, your Prosoft™ software will be fully integrated with your site through our BI Web Portal — connecting field superintendents, vendors, prospects and customers seamlessly.
Step 7


On the big day, we’ll be there to ensure everything goes as planned. We’ll address any feedback from users adapting to the new site, and make appropriate adjustments.
Step 8


Our job is not over at launch. We’ll implement a solid maintenance plan to keep your site secure and up-to-date at all times. We’ll help you with ongoing needs such as landing pages, calls-to-action (CTAs) and page updates. And we’ll monitor site traffic with various analytics tools to measure engagement and make adjustments when needed.
Step 9


And now that your site is live, it becomes the hub for all your marketing efforts. We’ll develop strategies to help drive traffic to your website, and once there, convert them to leads and ultimately, to customers.
Step 10


Interested in learning more? Schedule a free website consultation.


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