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Payroll information documents are designed to help users comply with IRS mandates and are presented here as reference materials.

Where applicable the Revision Date indicates the latest revision of the source document (the documents provided by the taxing authority). Users are responsible for verifying these materials are valid for the current tax year and suitable for their needs.

Please contact our support department for assistance if needed.

Documents in this section include:

2020 Federal Payroll Tax Tables and Rates

This document will assist you in updating the Gemini payroll Federal Tax rate tables, FICA, Medicare and FUTA rates and cutoffs.


This document will assist you with your End Of Year procedures, including closing your fiscal year and printing 1099 / W-2 forms AFTER the current year is closed.

Employee 200k Medicare Ded

Additional Medicare Tax Withholding. Use this Payroll Master Deduction for ALL employees, for those who will earn $200K or more during the calendar year this deduction will add the additional 0.9% . Deducts additional Employee Medicare tax from their earned income. Replaces the existing employee Medicare Deduction. Revised Dec 2018 and valid for 2019.

W-2 Reporting Health Benefits S-Corp

Form W2 Health Benefit reporting for owners with greater than 2% company ownership.

W-2 Reporting-Sponsored Health Coverage

Under the Affordable Care Act, employers are required to report the cost of coverage under an employer - sponsored group healthcare plan. How to report employer-sponsored health care coverage amounts on Form W-2 (Box 12-Code DD)

W-2 Employee Benefit Reporting

This document explains how to create an Employee Fringe Benefit Income Deduction and report on the W-2 form.